Building and reconstruc­tions of fields

We implement a complex field construction from concrete to the finished coating.

  • 100+

    Number of athletic fields built

    As of today, we have already built over 100 pitches.

  • 20+

    Years of experience of building or reconstruction of sports pitches

    We have been in this business for more than 20 years.

  • 225 000

    Total square meters of stitching

    The total area of stitched pitches has surpassed 200 thousand square meters.


We offer technical consulting to help you choose the right foundation, the optimal engineering systems and the most fitting lawns for your pitch.

Grassmax systems has more than 20 years of experience and applies itsown technologies for the construction of sports pitches. Grassmax systems specializes in the construction of sport pitches from start to finish: from the design stage to laying down all types of lawn.

Our guarantee

We guarantee ’turnkey’ construction of high quality sports pitches in the shortest possible time.

All the pitches built by Grassmax systems meet all the requirements of international sports organizations and sports clubs.

  • Types of work performed by Grassmax system

    • Preparation of the foundation

    • Preparation of channels for drainage and underground aeration systems

    • Laying down specialized Grassmax modules (~1sq.m plastic panels)

  • Main stages of the construction

    • Installation of drainage system pipes

    • Laying down pipes of the liquid heating system. (Depending on the climatic zone and the customer’s wishes these can be used for any type of surface)

    • Installation of an irrigation system

    • Installation of an aeration system

    • Installation of gutter systems

    • Installation of a control panel for all the systems mentioned above

    • Strengthening the root layer bymeans of Grassmax hybrid stitching

    • Laying of rolled lawn, grass seeding or laying a carpet-based hybrid system

  • If reconstruction is needed:

    • We can remove all types of lawn and dispose of the debris

    • We can replace old drainage, aeration and heating systems

GrassMax panel

Why should you choose us?

  • Ecology

    GrassMax Duo fiber developed by GrassMax Systems is environmentally friendly

  • Technology

    Fully automatic control ensures accurate operation of the stitching machine

  • Own R&D

    We have developed and manufactured special fibres with enhanced performance characteristics

  • Experience

    Multiple years of experience in hybrid grass, yarn stitching, project management and agronomy. FIFA World Cup references

  • Standards

    The stitched fields are considered natural grass fields and fulfill the requirements of UEFA, FIFA, IRB, NFL

  • Trustworthiness

    Our professional team makes a point of meeting our clients’ expectations and always delivering on our promises.

Do you have any questions? Ask us!

If you have any questions, please, leave your e-mail. Our manager will contact you to advise you.