GrassMax Hybrid Stitching

— stitching of synthetic fibers for grass reinforcement and root stabilization.

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    GrassMax stitching is guaranteed for a min. of 10 years

    Provided proper maintenance is applied to the grass pitch throughout the lifespan

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    Times stronger than classic natural grass

    A field with stitching can withstand usage up to 4 times higher than one without stitching

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    Fiber alternatives

    Apart from our specially developed GrassMax Duo fiber, we also offer GrassMax PE and GrassMax PP fibers, upon demand

Synthetic fibers allow the grass to grow firm and have an optimal root development

GrassMax systems — it is 100%-natural grass cover reinforced with synthetic fibers. We have developed special fibers with enhanced performance characteristics, GrassMax Duo is composed of a bloc-copolymer combining PP and PE, as well as straight and texturized filaments. The special design and material of our stitches was tested in the science laboratory of Ghent University. The stitching of the field with filaments is carried out by specialized machines.



All stitching machines were produced under a special order placed by GrassMax in Germany

  • Reliability
    The equipment is fully electric and laser-guided, ensuring fast and accurate stitching without overlaps or missed stitching rows
  • Quality
    The number of stitches per 1 sq.m. is approx. 2,500
  • Productivity
    Our stitching rate is 500-700 square meters per day per machine
  • Precision
    Beam spacing and stitching depth are accurate to the millimeter
  • Amount
    The width of the stitching blade is 1.8 m
  • Benefit
    Stitching allows the grass cover to develop and have an optimal stem
  • Natural pitch
    The playing characteristics of the field are absolutely identical to those of a natural pitch in perfect state
  • Stabilizing the sand layer to strengthen the system

    GrassMax football fields are built on a sandy base with a small addition of organic material. Sand is a fairly mobile substance, and very often football or rugby turfs are characterized by a weak root system, therefore synthetic fibers perform the function of stabilizing the sand layer, and ensuring the evenness of the surface.

  • Perfect stitching depth

    2×2 cm synthetic fibers are injected in a natural grass or sand subbase to a depth of 18 cm. Natural grass roots grow to a depth of 10 to 20 cm, so 18 cm is the optimal stitching depth. Shallow stitching is possible where required.

  • Strongly improved water permeability

    Stitching 20 million fibers into a sand-based grass pitch ensures that water gets drained from the surface fast. The formation of muddy patches that could lead to a game being canceled, is precluded.

  • Grass mowing doesn’t damage the fibers

    The fibers rising above the root surface remain below the standard UEFA or FIFA specified mowing heights and remain intact.


Benefits of GrassMax Systems

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    Quality and player safety

    Injected fibers stabilize the root zone of the pitch and thereby increase the resistance of the grass to damage. No divots, no unevenness

  • 02

    The quality of the injected fiber, a 6-strand block-copolymer combining 3 straight and 3 texturized filaments

  • 03

    Possibility of stitching both into existing fields or newly built, before and after seeding, provided the subbase composition meets the GrassMax subbase prescriptions

  • 04

    The pitch can be used as much as 4 times longer with GrassMax System than without it. GrassMax stitching is guaranteed to last for at least 10 years.

  • 05

    The fibers are resistant to mechanical influences when renovating a pitch

  • 06

    Playing characteristics of a pitch are absolutely identical to a perfect natural pitch


Why should you choose us?

  • Ecology

    GrassMax Duo fiber developed by GrassMax Systems is environmentally friendly

  • Technology

    Fully automatic control ensures accurate operation of the stitching machine

  • Own R&D

    We have developed and manufactured special fibres with enhanced performance characteristics

  • Experience

    Multiple years of experience in hybrid grass, yarn stitching, project management and agronomy. FIFA World Cup references

  • Standards

    The stitched fields are considered natural grass fields and fulfill the requirements of UEFA, FIFA, IRB, NFL

  • Trustworthiness

    Our professional team makes a point of meeting our clients’ expectations and always delivering on our promises.



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